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I really enjoyed every aspect of this game.

I downloaded this for an unusual reason. I am trying to get a sense of whether or not actually needs a "Gamepad" input category. It doesn't seem like it does, for two reasons.

1. From my tests, the only type of controller this game automatically connects to is an Xbox 360 controller. The game doesn't include a screen that says what the imposed 360 controls are - you'll have to use trial-and-error... I guess.
Additionally, you need Esc to get out of the game. I'm glad that this game lists its keyboard defaults, but Esc was not included in the list, and it's also not imposed on the 360 controller.

You COULD add Esc to a 360 controller, using a profiler (like JoyToKey) but that leads into the second reason...

2. No PC game needs to be categorized as "Gamepad supported" because 100% of them are controller-compatible if you use a profiler. So, this game could've been categorized as "Keyboard" and "Xbox 360" without the need for a Gamepad category.

I liked the fact that this game only seems to impose a control scheme on 360 controllers. It won't impose them on things like N64, Sega Genesis or PS4 - that greatly improves the value of those three controllers.