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That resolution mechanic for who did it is both engaging and matches the decision-forward flavor of arc’s play. You’re cool. What a neat thing!

I love how there’s a risk of running out of people to accuse, so you have to conserve your accusations. It does a neat thing with how you’re also pressed for time. And all the little hiding places for the crown where a joy to read through.

Did you ever read I Want My Hat Back? This escaped the plot of that book in an what way.

I liked reading all the motives. Evocative. They above everything else helped me build the world out.

Thanks for making this!

Ha! I had never made the connection to I Want My Hat Back, but that's perfect. Now I'd love to see someone run a mash-up of the two.

Thanks for the kind words!

Noblinjam has a few hours left, in case you wanted to join! I hope your day does good. And thanks again for the read