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Overall the game has a good theme that fits its genre. Definitely need more polishing in terms of the game's physics and around the control to find the balance between pushing power and the power consumption, maybe to further look into weak push = less consumption, while medium push = normal consumption and big push = maximum consumption like a short burst of power to get past certain obstacles. Another issue would be the fact that the unity embed is not 100% functioning on Google Chrome, unsure if it could be solved by the developer but a workaround currently is to play on Mozilla Firefox to really experience the game. For the future of the game, maybe to award new color schemes, background design would be a good way to go. 


Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea you gave about energy consumption based on the force used! I'll definitely try it out! as for the physics, I'll do my best to tweak them out for the next release. As for the embedded game, I must've did something wrong while building the game, I'll take a look at it. :)