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I think it's a really cool concept that needs to be utilized more. The one level doesn't really showcase any of the abilities. To me, the clicking to move the level really just felt like a stand-in for pressing a key to move the character. Especially since clicking moves the entire level, I really got the sense that I was just controlling the character in an unusual way. Meanwhile, the abilities that were actually interesting didn't really seem necessary. If you designed the levels specifically around those abilities, I think you'd have something interesting.

As was mentioned by someone else, the collision on some of the platforms is a little strange and you're able to fall through. Also, I think binding the two abilities to different keys would be a good idea. You don't really have much fine controller when trying to rotate or scale since the same thing controls both.

If you spend a little time polishing those things and playing around with level designs, I think you can come up with some really awesome scenarios for this.


thanks! That's is what I am planning to do