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I am working on a little mobile thing for making CYOA games. It is modeled kinda on flickgame, which was made by the amazing increpare. I haven't put in the color links yet, but you can add a bunch of text options to link all the different scenes together.

When your done, the little upload button exports your game to a website that you can share around.


hey jonbro, this looks quite good!! how are you making this?

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I am doing it in unity, with just html for the webplayer. I have been forcing myself to get to the end of the prototype this week without swapping over to iOS native (obj-c or swift), because the UI tools in unity are pretty annoying to work with. On the upside it does mean that I will be able to release it for android without too much fuss though, so that is nice.

(also, thanks! I posted a screenshot on twitter yesterday and got crickets and it was pretty depressing)