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Absolutely loving the tone/polish/pace of the demo so far and looking forward to the final release.
However I wanted to report a bug and couldn't find any 'best way'/suggestion on how to report it, so thought with you thankfully active here I'd mention it here.
-When selecting skills with the mouse, it seems like that causes an automatic target selection as well. That might make players mistakenly believe skills can't choose a target (as pressing z/enter to confirm the skill does let you choose the target).
Weirdly it doesn't do that for Troz's Puppy Breath skill, which as a skill targeting all enemies should be the one to auto select if any.
So it might be some problem with the skill+key settings somehow? As otherwise it would be a universal problem.
-Also just a small suggestion, but it would be nice to have access to volume options after entering the game too. I've had to save and exit just to adjust the volume after playing more of the game and thinking it needed further adjusting.


Thanks for the kind words! We hope you enjoy the full game when it finally releases!

As for your inquiries, mouse isn't fully supported so there's definitely some weird issues here and there. However, it's completely fine with gamepad or keyboard.

And for the audio, we tried to do that at one point but it was causing issues with parallel event audio changes and stuff, so we canned it. If we can find a way to get around it, then we might re-implement it, but for now, it's just gonna be at the title screen to avoid any bugs.



Ahh, yeah that's understandable. Thanks for at least not disabling it, as that would make it hard for me to personally play the game, I'll just keep that in mind when making any interactions with the game in the future.

No worries, I can certainly imagine that-some factors/results of RPG Maker can be impossible to understand regrettably lol ^^;. Thanks for trying your best to do what you can though, like making difficulty settings adjusted later on in your adventure, etc :).