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That sounds pretty terrible. Hard to see how that can still happen, but apparently it can and I am still missing something.. Thank you for the awesomely quick feedback again!

Save game would be awesomely helpful. The save game is in Users/Username/AppData/Local/Voidship and is called Voidship-Save-082.dat. You can send it to me at or upload it to whatever file site and post the link here. download


Hey, I just started, but that problem is also happening with me. I am still on the tutorial but had to go.When I came back I could not proceed because of this error. You should get it by creating a new game, playing the tutorial but quit before you reach the asteroid feild, then when you get to that part of it it should fail. Ill try without quitting to see if I dont get the error. Thanks


Sorry for not replying earlier and thank you for the feedback! Which version were you on if you happen to know? We're you on the latest that was downloadable here? 

This bug should be solved already, but you might've happened on a new different case of the same bug. I will take a look.

Thank you!