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Thanks. Why don't you want to release the full version on itself as well? It shouldn't be harder than current free version I suppose.


well the main issue is: One of the BIGGEST issue players have with the game with the current ITCH version is networking, since the itch version relies on traditional TCP/IP networking it requires you to have some knowledge of networking and often router configuration to be able to host your own game and have other players to join. The game will try to use UPNP to automatically configure your router but this is very unreliable. Fortunately when using STEAM i can use steam sockets that does automatic NAT punchthrough and server routing if that failes. Making the networking almost 100% reliable and easy to use for everybody...making the players..HAPPY! so unless i can find a similar system that works just as good as steamsockets but does not require steam, then im not sure i want to release it on any other platform. Ofc if you only plan to play singeplayer that wont matter at all. But there will always be players that will be annoyed when the networking wont work. I dont want to give players a bad experience if i can avoid it :(. 

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I thought Steam Sockets is a FOSS project, so it's not tied to Steam:

So I suppose you should be able to use it like any other open source library even when releasing it in other stores?

But if it can't handle NAT, it would be the first example that I know, that lagging rollout of IPv6 caused a game not to be released in multiple stores :)

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Will we be able to run and host local private servers as well? I do this with a few Minecraft servers on a Linux VM for example, and would like to be able to add this game on there as well when it comes out. I don't particularly mind if the client uses the Steam DRM stuff or the like as needed (dropped Steam support this year for Windows XP for my classic gaming machine needs not withstanding).

Typing in the IP and port number works well enough for me and those I often play these sort of games with. With optional password would be nice as well.