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Doodle studio seem to work after brief trial. What doesn't work tho is Ink brush feature. Otherwise there seems to be issues with very long saving or loading times - it seams to be related to some of those Texture formate errors I get. I am sending screenshots of every error I could gather.

Keep up good work this tool is amazing!

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I'm unable to reproduce your errors. Doodle Studio works for me on Unity 2018.2.3 when you import it in a clean project. This could be caused by other libraries you have installed in your project.

Try making a new project and importing the doodle studio package. If you get errors, let me know what those errors are, the specs of your computer and your OS version.

If there's no errors, go back to your project and try deleting the doodle studio folder and importing it again.

If there's errors in your existing project but not in a empty one, the culprit is somewhere in your project and out of my reach.