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Where do I begin... Okay, first of all the game is really well done!! From the really awesome shader work and texture quality to the anticipation building and the unpredictability, the game shines. It is polished and that shows!
It follows the usual P.T. recipe, but it actually doesn't feel that close to it, especially towards the end. You pretty much did everything right. The atmosphere was eerie and had me on the edge of my seat. And ohh boy it did work. I actually fell for it in the end. I turned around and nothing happened, so I thought it the game was messing with me just to creep me out. Bam, the jumpscare got me so good that I fell of my chair dude!! Rarely a game makes me react like that!
The sound effects are awesome as well. The creaking sounds when you walk, the radio static etc. are perfect for this kind of environment. They make you feel uneasy.
The story is interesting too. I guess we will see more of the game, since the information was limited to get a general idea about the Error #54.
Overall, I totally enjoyed the game! Kudos for making such an interesting game in this amount of time. Looking forward to more updates!
Keep up the good work!!