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Nice little game, although the difficulty could probably be significantly higher. I didn't really have problems with any of the levels, so the five "skip level" jokers are really nerfed. I just used one, to skip the Bouncy Sky level because jeez. Love the differently colored floors!

A few small bugs:

  • The web version doesn't work... It pops up some stuff about sprites and backdrops. A debug version or something? It worked before the weekend extension. Anyway, the Windows version works fine!

  • The music doesn't actually seem to loop forever. It stops after a while. Since there's a new track for each floor, though, this isn't a big problem.
  • Sometimes I was able to jump up to a ledge that I don't think I was supposed to reach, and hold onto it with my hand and jump up. For example the final level on floor 2. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but it made some of the levels very easy since I could just bypass trampolines.
  • Another bug: If you climb the top stairs in 5-04 all the way, you'll get stuck in the ceiling!

Thanks for the review! ^^ Oh yeah Bouncy Sky is hard but possible, you actually have to be in the exact corner to make the jump longer, but anyway I agree it's one of the hardests x)

- Well the Web Version is actually the same as the Executable one, I don't know if it's actually a bug or not...

- The music is 1:41 long, I could've made a loop but the time restrained me to do that.

- It's a collision bug, I noticed that in the developpement because the hitbox is rectangular to make it more "Game Boyish", but I also noticed that you couldn't jump into the bouncy things... So I changed it a bit x)

- This one is a glitch that I tried but didn't correct, since the ladders are adding 5 to Y, you can get stuck in some ceilings sometimes... And actually that's a great glitch for speedrunners (If there is only one...?) because you can litterally pass a Level if you go a little bit up. :P