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Played through the first few minutes, it's looking legit!  I especially like how the instructions are woven into story scenarios, it's slick.  I also really liked the option to enable high resolution fonts, that's such a good idea that I wish more retro-inspired games would do.  Unfortunately I didn't play that much before falling through the world around here:

I dropped down from the dirt ledge above the angled platform.  I think I fell through the angled platform as well and ended up falling through the whole world.

Also I noticed on the downloads page you had some trouble distributing the mac build.  This tool MacifyZip (I didn't make this) might help - .  I've used it myself to fix this issue when zipping a mac application from windows.  The only problem is that there's no license or source code so it feels like you're downloading a virus.  If you trust me it's pretty handy, if you don't there are some python scripts that can accomplish something similar.  Hope this helps, and good luck!

Hey Mark! So sorry you fell through the world. Slopes are the bane of my existence. If you pause (start/enter) and save and quit to the main menu you would be able to resume without losing any progress. There's probably a good hour of content past that point so if you want to try again there's a lot more to see!

As far as the Mac zip thing, that's not the issue here. I actually created the Mac build on an actual Mac. The issue is Gatekeeper which quarantines the app because it is unsigned. Gatekeeper used to be optional on macos but is now mandatory. As far as I'm aware there is no clean workaround. Thanks for the suggestion anyhow!

Lemme know what you think if you decide to keep going or if you need any more help

Hey Nick, played some more and left feedback on the linked survey.  I like the pacing and variety of RPG elements but I think the core gameplay could use some polish.  Best of luck on the game!

Thanks Mark, I appreciate the feedback. I'll be going through it all eventually. Cheers for playing the demo!