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Not a problem!

I just finished the demo and it was very enjoyable.

The temple was great. Difficult in places but achievable, both in terms of enemies and platforming (the one platform section where you have to hit the switch in midair to flip the red/blue platforms so you can get to the block... that took a lot of attempts and I wasn't sure it was do-able without needing something else).

There was a soft lock I encountered when I had the glider and tried to glide over the trees to the left of the Knowfer by the bandit cave. I just quit and continued and everything was fine.

Things I thought could be improved:

  • The jump and staff hit sound of Elia got a little tiresome. It didn't seem to fit.
  • I may have missed it somewhere in the intro but it took me a while to figure out where the inventory was.
  • The action key (X) for the bell felt awkward with A and S being used. 'D' or 'E' would have felt more natural but those may be reserved for future use.

I did occasionally feel a little lost but that was usually quite enjoyable.

Overall everything was thoroughly enjoyable!

Thanks for your feedback, I'll certainly be taking it into consideration!

Sorry about not knowing how to navigate the menu, no there was no tutorial you missed for that. Maybe I need to add one.

As far as controls, the code is actually set up to allow full re-mapping, I just haven't had time to add a user interface for it yet. Sorry you didn't find the defaults comfortable!

And yes I have a lot of ideas for improvements to the temple after watching a few peoples' play-throughs. I would not be surprised if it's significantly different in the final release.

Again thanks so much for the feedback and I'm really glad you enjoyed it overall!