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I played the first game a while back and I'm so glad you continued with the concept! I think there's something so charming and sombre to the style and world. I did complete it to 100% in roughly 10-15 minutes, a far cry from the suggested hour, but A. It's a free quality  game so I'm not complaining, and B. The artistry is well worth the experience, no matter how long. 

I'll always be excited to see your future work, and I especially have to say, the music is incredible. I thought the same thing with A World At Peace. Seriously, it stands out. You should make a short album. 

I never did figure out what the coding meant in that one character dialogue in A World At Peace, so I'm glad I got some more of this world in the end. :)


Been a while since I got a comment on this game, haha. Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the game is admittedly pretty short; I'm not sure where I got the original metric from. In any case, I'm glad you enjoyed the experience! In regards to the availability of more music, I post music semi-regularly on my YouTube channel if you haven't given that a look yet. It's a personal hobby of mine, so it's great that you found it a standout feature of these games.

Over the year or so since I put this game out, I have been experimenting with and brainstorming on the idea of a game that captures a full exploration of this character as I understand her now. It's funny that you bring up the hidden dialogue in At Peace and its relevancy in this game; when making At Peace I had a considerably different idea of where to take that hidden message then what actually became of it here, and now from here to my new ideas, the very same effect happened again.

Rambling aside, again, thanks for playing, and I hope you will keep an eye out for my future projects. :)