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This game is really great. You can tell a lot of care and love went into making it. With the pixel art style, the lighting, the controls, everything is very polished and well thought out. 

Below are two things that I had *mild* annoyances with, but nothing that really took away from the experience, but these things may be considered spoilers:


The stamina runs out a bit too fast for my liking, and it seems even more bizarre to have a stamina gauge since when you get chased by the monster you have unlimited stamina. Also there are times when you have to backtrack on screens to make new things happen, this happens in a grave which I particularly didn’t like. The main problem with that was the slow movement and the fact the “press e” prompt disappeared, so I thought I had to back track again to make it appear again (which was obviously just my mistake)

But, even with those two mild gripes, the game was a lot of fun and a shining example of how 2D indie pixel horror can be done really well.

Here’s my play through for those interested: