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 Hey developers,

It's a great game and I love it. I only have one issue though. I was having a huge issue with the what is the vocal range. In the game it said to sing your lowest note which you are comfortable with, which for me is around G3 if middle c is C4. But I can go as high as E6, and on lucky days F#6. 

So what i'm trying to get at is if someone has a huge range then the notes for you to hit aren't very well represented in the game. Is there a way you can ask for the player to input the highest pitch they are comfortable singing as well? If so, when you calculate what note to hit can you just take the ratio of the distance between the notes shown one the screen to be more accurate for the person?

Thanks for making a great game!

Hey element22! Thanks for the concern/suggestion! I'll definitely bring it up to the team and see what their thoughts are. We mainly want to make sure that the game can be played by players who are pretty familiar with music (such as yourself!) as well as players who basically don't sing much at all. Thanks for the kind words though - glad you enjoyed the game ^^ 🎵


I agree 100% with this person, I love to sing as a hobby (like going to box karaoke and such) but even though I have great pitch, my range isn't so amazing, plus I played this in the morning without warming up my voice, and I really wished I'd had the ability to put in both my bottom and top notes so that I could more accurately hit things... I imagine you want the notes to match up with the BGM, but you could just use that info as a branching point for example (a person who demonstrates a wide range could have different notes than a person whose range is narrower, for example, but both sets of notes would go with the BGM). Also unrelated, my suggestion is 2P play with harmonies. That would be amazing. Oh and my final suggestion would be to team up with a poet or song writer to add some lyrics for players to sing... not for the game to detect (that would be hugely irritating for everyone, including players, for lots of reassons) but just so that players don't have to just go around going "la la la" all the time. I would have loved to be singing words. Basically what Rock Band does, just measuring pitch (they don't care if you replace all the words in "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys with "meow meow meow" as long as the rhythm is correct... XD)