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A year ago? which video is it? all i know is that markiplier played it in is 6 scary games video.

I think it was a year ago. But it wasn't in the 6 scary games vid

what video?


I don't remember exactly what it was named, but I just remember seeing it. Also, are you going to do chapter 2? I have a few ideas.

Chapter 2 is being developed in the moment, and i would love to hear your ideas.

I don't know anything plot wise, but my idea is that there would be 4 levers you would have to pull to open the exit. Also, the Cat would start off very easy to avoid, but after each lever he becomes faster. I also thought of a flashlight mechanic, and if you turn it on, the Cat would run away (but the flashlight also has battery) anyways that's all I had, ill let you know if I think of anything :D

Oh wait also did you use Griffpatch's 3d generator or did you do it yourself?

No, I did it myself. I did not know griffpatch had a generator.

Oh ok. Anyways, is it possible to have 2 characters chasing you or is that complex?

It is possible, i have made 3 characters in STNWK 1.  So, it's not going to be to hard. but the lever thing might be complex.

Wait, I have an idea better than the lever one. What if there were 3 areas? You would spawn in the first area and have to find the exit, then, when you found it, it would start generating a new area (area 2) and the same goes for area 3. Also, what if every area added a new character? Sorry if this is all to complex :/