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I think I've found a rather large issue in the VR version. It has no prompt on startup to change your graphics options, but it calls on the graphics options you chose in the regular "Poke Abby" download. Those graphics, "fastest" by default, look absolutely horrible in VR.

As a result, anybody who downloads "Abby VR" without downloading & booting a non-VR "abby" will be restricted to awful graphics with no apparent way to change it.

I would suggest adding a graphics prompt on boot to Abby VR, or at least just setting the graphics option to "best" by default.

If you've gotten any feedback about "clothing collisions", That's likely a result of this issue. The "fastest" setting has massive issues with clothing collision.

Oh hey! This was an issue we were trying to troubleshoot recently! I've let DeviantDev know about your suggestions and the details you provides so hopefully he can fix that for us. He's been pretty busy with his own project so I can't promise much haste.

Thanks a bunch!