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Really? Read the comments below, people play. All perfectly. Try another archiver ...

I simply  tried to install and unpack via zip file that you offered through download link. I'm Getting errors during the unpacking process.  I was really excited to play this game I'm bummed out the data is not usable for me.  I had a bad feeling about spending money on this website but I went against my better judgment. If the game worked for people that's awesome,  But unfortunately it didn't work for me. So to those that are uncertain on whether or not to get it just keep in mind you run the risk of possibly losing out with alt download links or files. But just like with all things in life; it happens. Thanks for the response. 

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Thank you for the detailed response. I will now repack to another archive (format) and upload it to the site. Thanks again...
p.s. Done)

I appreciate you taking the time to look into this for me. Most people would just disregard. Cheers ;)

FYI I read the comments per your request and StepVibes is having the same issue. It's not just me. 

The guy solved the problem. ;)