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Hi! I sent a form via the trouble shooting link in the document that came with the game, but I also wanted to try my luck here, in case this was something I could fix easily on my own.

After opening the game and getting past the Unity logo, the USCGames logo overlaps the title screen. A few seconds later and the music goes quietly. I tried waiting to see if it was just the game taking a while to load, but it simply doesn't. If I leave it open for a while eventually the audio glitches with an unpleasant sound.  The game doesn't crash and I don't get an error message either. I'm not sure what to do about it. It worked perfectly only one time. I didn't get to see the game to completion though, and figured I could come back to it. However, this is what I'm met with.  Thank you for your time. :)

I've encountered the same problem, according to my Norton protection(anti-virus) it contains a file "assembly-sharp.dll" that it considers a threat to my computer and automatically deletes the file, I think that you can circumvent this by turning off auto-protect on your computer's anti-virus but the file is listed as having a bad reputation (by Norton) so I'm unsure weather I should do so

Yikes. Yeah me either, my dude. Sounds like an unnecessary risk.

Hey! Thanks for letting us know! I'll make sure to pass this thread to the engineers on our team to see what they can do :) Thanks for your patience! Really appreciate the support 🎵

thank you, I appreciate your community surveillance. Also I do really love this game, I was able to play it on my previous computer presumably because AVAST didn’t catch it. I also showed it to my sister she thought it was pretty cool because she loves singing.

Thank you for the reply, and for passing this along to the other devs.  Your game is fantastic and I wish you and your team the best with the game's development.  Good luck.