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This was a really fun, albeit short game, but it feels crammed full of development work and I think is a great achievement. 

Maybe it's because my brain is a bit wonky this Sunday morning, but I was judging what to spend my money, hearts and time on based on a bit of high-level guess work and intuition rather than trying to work it all out properly. What might be nice is to be able to rewind a day and replay it with different choices - that's kind of gaming the system I guess, but it allows you to see what choices might lead to better results. I assume also that there is actually a mathematically determinable optimal solution to a given seed? If so, it would be nice to see it so you can compare your final result.

The music and aesthetics were nice, though I'd have liked it to have even more of a festive vibe. The tutorial is a really good introduction to the game.

Overall, I loved it and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.


Thanks for playing! You can replay the game on the same seed, and everything is completely deterministic if you take the same actions, so you can try different actions to see what would work best :)