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Hello i would like to say you guys are making a great game i played a couple of times so i leave here some info that you guys probably know but say to improve the game ether way:

Max cap of pervetion atm is (88)

theres a bug at curfew that if you walk in to the left field of the inn it cant go anywhere even when in morning you can and doesnt have anything to block it.

max affection in jewel is (20) atm

random guard i think is (5) affection

questions and ways i think game would improve:

What will the afection will be used for and will be the pervesion cap 100?

will it make sense make or character a saint in long term in game because atm im a man of culture ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

the random guy thats on the floor in front of the townhaul should be remove after pervesion interaction the poor guy stays there all day on the floor waiting for some tits leave him alone xD.

the curfew event i think should increase difficulty the guard only have 1 pattern and its really easy to doghe them by waiting turns you should ether increase the paths they do or increase the guards.

In overall its a great game for the version as it is the cutscenes are really well made even if its missing some but its normal since its early game access but just commeting on it continue your hard work and i eventually will comment when the next version of 1 September arrives thank you for time.


Ps: if anybody is in dobt about to achiev any event of this version ask me because i know how to get them all.

"investigate the clearing to the southwest of town" how do I do that

Try walking all the way to the left in Carceburg.

Atm what will happen (in this version ) is that when you try to do that event it cant be done because theres a guard there (go completely left after leaving the inn) so it will start a questline that will lead you to the bar and the owner will tell you to get him drunk but you need a special whiskey then you will steal whiskey from the warehouse with jewel. You are able to get the whiskey but then you cant get drunk the guard because the rest of the questline will be added in the future.


Hey there, thanks alot for your awesome review! We're glad you like the game! :)


Thank you keep doing the game in this way it will come out really great :)

How do I get "Jenna's wet dream"?