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The Bear Comes At Night is a minimalistic survival horror ttrpg about being besieged by a bear in a remote cabin.

The PDF is atmospheric and expressive, and it does a great job with its limited space. Themes of bears and night are easily reflected in the layout, and the whole thing looks and feels satisfying.

The game's mechanics are simple, with you rolling a die against the bear. Roll higher, no consequences. Roll lower, the bear hurts you. And the bear's die is higher, so it's often going to hurt you.

There's a little bit of strategy you can do by opting to cross off items to get a bonus on your die roll, but otherwise it's a grueling, arduous affair. The bear attacks over and over again until you die or luck out and get rescued by helicopter.

Overall, this might be one of my favorite one page rpgs. It does so much with so little. There's no directions to journal your experiences, but the game creates a very tense and atmospheric narrative seemingly without trying. The premise is also just grounded enough to feel viscerally compelling, even if this kind of systematic bear attack doesn't exactly happen often.

I'd absolutely recommend you check this out if you get the chance. It's a solo game, but with a few modifications it could be grafted onto another system or adapted for group play.

Minor Issues:

-"a helicopter comes during the and" I think 'during the' is extraneous

-When you cross out an item to add a d6 against the bear, is it added to your total, or rolled separately? Either one feels like it would make sense.