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Getting the 24 eggs was a pain, but is was worth it!
I wasn't impressed by the first chapter, but the new one made me chance my mind! It is really nice to see indie games get better while adding new content. The concept of the game is unique and creepy at times. As for the visuals and the art style, I loved it. It feels like an official game, even though the controls were a bit clunky (no problems on Chapter 2 though). The sound effects and the references are a nice touch undoubtedly. Gameplay wise, the game is challenging, but relies a lot on the luck factor. I like the randomness on the last levels, because they make the game unpredictable, but I feel there is room for some tweaks on the otherwise good mechanics. The cutscenes are awesome as well! I totally liked the way you implemented them!
I had fun playing the game. Honestly I was surprised that the latest update made me change my mind.
Keep up the good work!!