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Have Mint Linux 19 and Nvidia GTX GPU, the game starts up with "Made with Unity", then freezes after that with black background, other games like SOTA and Ablion work with no issues , they use Unity. Windows version works like a dream. If anyone can help me let me know, thanks.

Hi! Seems wierd. All I can say is have you tried to adjust the screen settings in the pop-up windows to lower resolution and/or windowed play? I'm sure they will fix this later but might be a temp work-around. Cheers.

NOTE - I am just a massive Fan and play daily. I am not apart of the game so any answers or advice I give, is just my personal knowledge from playing the game for over 100 hours. Enjoy!

yeah tried full screen, windowed ,different resolutions , and different graphic options , as well as run as root, no go :(

I can not run sota or albion in mint 19, the video is all black, total war saga report API 3d error

are you using the official nvidia drivers or something else?  

are you using the official nvidia drivers or something else?  

Yes tried two officials and one standard, still no go. Albion and Shroud of the Avatar use Unity engine, and they work just fine, I find it odd ?

Also the old version, Fedj version .64 loads and plays just fine....don t know if that helps anything.

Well, i bit the bullet and installed the MATE version of the Mint Linux 19 instead of Cinnamon, now the game starts with no issues..strange.