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I absolutely love this. I can tell by the graphical detail, despite being very geometrical, TONS of work went into crafting the scenery. That alone earns this game its place. The music is fantastically implemented, and is seemingly tuned to the story itself. Although this is more of a visually exploring game, I adore the concept. This game has so much potential. I really like the subtle hint of the story however it remained very mysterious as who or what we were exactly. I sensed a big contrast between the two realms of existence and overall saw it in the game. At first, the cave is extremely warm and vibrant, but following the light's "murder", the environment becomes cold. It gives the impression of What truly Lies in the Darkness? Overall, a great experiment, extremely expansive,  and a wonderful start to an awesome team of developers!

First of all, thanks a lot for your impression. This is one of my first projects and I'm still learning. Furthermore I'm a solo dev so I appreciate your words and opinions even more. The feedback was very helpful. I will probably update this project in the future, adding some fixes.

Thanks again for your kind words !