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Oh my freakin christ,

I was totaly blown away by this one DEVs. Right from the opening scene I was just mesmerised by how well you have used the colors. The ball moved really well and when you fired of a couple of shots and panned round and you could see the projectile moving it just really added to the game play.

That damn audio track that started just after you activated the door, well, that just blew my balls off and when the "Demon" appeared I was just like, crank the stereo up. I am now big fan of Lorn and "Not new age Sisters of Mercy"so thank you  lol but I am a fan of the Sisters of Mercy if truth be known.

All the best DEVS


thank you for the incredible fast and good feedback. I don't expected that. I very much appreciate your nice words and thanks again for showing me how to improve this project.