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Holy crap that was fun! Looks nice, everything is super smooth and there's no need for a tutorial! I have a few suggestions if you don't mind! Maybe instead of 60 seconds, you have fuel that runs out and you can extend your fuel tank as well as recycle stuff to make more fuel. Would be cool to go further out to get heavier and heavier stuff but still have to leave time to gather resources with your fuel. Your theme is to get people interested in trash pick up right? Why not also have a thing where you recycle some of the garbage into more parts? Have like...plastic recycled into material to build with, same with glass from bottles ect ect. I'd also suggest making the deploy speed take longer initially because it is already so fast I didn't see it as a necessary upgrade. Overall, awesome game and was super fun! When I get paid, I'll kick you some bucks for the effort!