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I love the style and level of detail but i do have a few problems with it. Like the girls tops look painted on and not like fabric. Partly cause the contouring between the boobs is impossibly tight and because clothing that tight would cause the breast to have VERY restrictive movement. if what they are wearing is painted on clothes i would have to say its a bad aesthetic choice . Part of the erotic nature of undressing someone is to have the body not just covered but details and form covered up to the point where there is still some mystery. Cleavage which is also erotic comes from the breasts taking form with the clothing and being accentuated by the cut of the shirt's neck line.  I would have to say part of the reason its bad is also because its unnatural. i actually have at least one more reason but i'm going to move on. As someone else pointed out. I would really like it if they had actual feet. The large tail seems like it should be the small tail and I wish you put a cat tail in.  instead of  just making the tail generic when it really looks like a specific breed's dog tail. again i really liked the tech demo and would love to get a full game from this with story and all this is just some constructive criticism because i see this and think this could be incredible and i want you to succeed.