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Wow, thanks for all this feedback, and taking the time to share it. Yes, there is quite a lot of work ahead of us. There is a bit of baggage from its origins as a Contra-themed game jam. We’ve extended from that, but going forward we’re going to be dropping the nostalgic mechanics. They’re too restrictive.

A lot of really good suggestions here. We are currently in the works of revamping the character movement system. Duck is getting dropped, and we plan on having an evasion move, as well as some wall climbing. Since, like you said, these are cats! The goal is to focus more on making them move nimbly with new environments to match.

The prototypes of these things may still be months ahead before they’re solid, but we were wondering if you might be interested in taking a look at them in closed testing when the time comes? We will need as much honest feedback as we can get to tune these things properly.