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Hi i really like the look of your game though im not sure i understand the game itself. starting out it wasnt very intuitve( am i going to a planet, am i going to a space station, am i going to buy one of thousand items and sell it elsewhere or am i just flying around "exploring". i did the things your tutorial said but im not sure whether theres more to this game than that. Also, is "spacebar" the jetpack cus you can keep pressing it and fly around.

It looks gourgues but feels a little limited.

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Hey s0f4k,

Thank you for your feedback, it helps us better shape out the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Your feedback touches on a subject not a lot of people have thus far, and that is not understanding the game.
I want to remind you we're in pre-alpha, so the game is in a playable state, just not in a state that is to be considered a completed game or something that should be finished in any sense. If anything, it should be considered an early-access tech-demo.

With that being said, your feedback is still really valuable, since you gave us a look at what a player expects from our game and what they found. I agree the goal of the game seems unclear at this point and it is something we're working on.

The spacebar bug you mentioned isn't supposed to be there, but those mechanics aren't fully polished at this state.

The game does feel limited at this point I can agree with you on that, however we're currently working on incorporating more fun mechanics and a clearer purpose inside the game thanks to your feedback.

Thanks again for your feedback, stick with us and stay tuned for the next update (feel free to share this game with your friends!).