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This was amazing! The mechanics of having to use your voice to progress throughout the game is something I've never come across in quite this way before, building bridges and platforms by singing... well in theory at least. Most of my "singing" involved making painful noises that sounded like a herd of angry cats!

But, regardless of the fact that I am tone deaf, that didn't stop me enjoying the heck outta this game, even though my mic gave me some issues. The graphical design is delightful too, and I just fell right in love with our two protagonists! A very surprisingly moving experience, and when I finally got to the end I felt like I'd really achieved something.

Keep up the awesome work everyone, this was a real treat! =)


Hahaha thanks so much MikeyBlighe! Glad you enjoyed the game regardless of the tone deafness :D  Hearing that it was a moving experience for you means so much to us -- really appreciate the support! 🎵