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Dude, none of that is the game's fault. If your editing program had problems, that's either on your computer or on the editing software. If the game was not running (i.e. while you were editing), the game cannot slow down your computer in any way.

For the record, I ran this on Linux (NOT A SUPPORTED PLATFORM), with integrated graphics (NO GPU), 8GB RAM, and a dual core 2.4GHz Intel processor. I did not run into a single problem with the game and played all the way through. Keep in mind, the specs don't mean anything if you're using all your compute power and memory for other things, like Chrome.

It just doesn't make sense, though. My editing software has been slow, but not to a point where it would crash without a warning. I know my computer isn't up to par for certain  games I want to play, but before I downloaded OHC, the editing software was never dangerously slow. I couldn't figure out what was making my compute power act like that.


Just confirming, the game was closed when you were editing it, right?

Also when was the last time you rebooted?