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Yeah, the title is Castle Pong because I'm not a great namer and the goal of the assignment this was created in was to take the skills we learned from making a Pong clone and create something original. I'll add that to the description. Finding good music for an arcade-y medieval game proved to be pretty difficult. All of the royalty free medieval music I found was either very ominous or too fantastical/whimsical, so I opted for some more classic arcade music instead. In regards to the performance, I personally only experience a frame-rate drop immediately following the gameplay scene being loaded in. I think a main contributor to the sub-par performance is that there are two cameras running simultaneously. Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll make sure to check out the GDWC.

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I guess convincing medieval (or any historic era) music is always a bit challenging to get right, since no recordings exist and such. When playing in browser, I think the limiting aspect is memory - if your computer has limited resources already, the browser is allowed to use only a slice of those. So, if there's more memory, I guess the game should run better too. Thanks for checking out the contest!