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So, I'm starting to get to a point in the game where some criticisms are creeping back in, but that's alright! I've found that in two of the bosses I faced in this episode (one I didn't really see since I killed him so quickly) they've tended towards mechanics that don't really play to Mozz's strengths. The fights have been a lot of stand back and shoot, jump away and repeat. I really loved the earlier bosses because some encouraged you to get up close and use the spins and melee, but as we get farther in they've been more and more just shooting. I have quite a bit at the end of the video this time around, I hope you find it useful :)

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Thanks man, taking notes here, always appreciated! you'd benefit a lot from switching between gun modes if you had all of them at this point (and completed the challenges) I'll continue in your video-

Oh, side note, you'll probably also want to keep a balanced long range-close range approach with the last boss, or it'll be near impossible; highly recommended saving your predator. Another side note: you can skip dialogue pressing start/enter, have fun! hope it's not too infuriating heh.