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It shows "Install" on the right hand side of the application, and when I click it, it quickly goes from "Install" to "Downloading..." and instantly goes back to "Install." It shows up in my downloads as being downloaded, but when I click on the game download in the download tab, it takes me to this page, thus looping back around in an endless unresolvable loop of glitchy goodness. I wish I could just download and test this cool looking game...

EDIT: Just updated client application, and it now downloads and launches! FINALLY!!!!!

So what did you think about the game?

Do you have x64 download files? I cannot run this still, 300 days later lol.

It's probably not worth the trouble then. If the 32bit version won't work, chances are the whole game will just not run on your machine. It's also available on Android at GooglePlay.