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ohmygosh, thank you so much for the detailed comment! i've never gotten something so long and detailed about this game before, so it makes me really happy! I'm definitely still working on it; I love these characters a lot, and I honestly have a few more games planned with them because I want to be able to tell all of their stories or at least give everyone more detailed looks at them. 

i'm really hoping to have a new demo out that showcases the new graphics and RPG system I've implemented, so I hope you enjoy that one as much as the current one! I'll definitely be following your  youtube channel too! i love seeing people play and enjoy my work, it lets me know that I'm doing something right! ;; v ;;

also, thank you for commenting and playing this game! it's people like you that keep me working on it even when it feels like it'll never get done. so thank you!! 

Of course!! I'm so glad I could make you happy with my comment haha. I'm honestly so excited to see what you have in store for these characters!

I can't wait for the new demo!! I'll certainly record my reactions once it's out, it'll be amazing to see how much you've progressed with making games and the different graphics you've created! And thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the follow! You didn't have to, so it genuinely means a lot <3 (;ω;)

And of course! I really wanted you to know how much potential I see not only in this game, but your future projects! I'm glad I could motivate you :D