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EDIT: Issue was resolved, just needed that update.

EDIT: Still not working, after I posted this I rage uninstalled it and didn't comment back until now. I am sure this game is sweet, but I have yet to savor it. Is this download compatible with x64 windows?

What seems to be the problem? When I try to download the game, it just starts without any trouble. There is only the .exe included in the package.

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It shows "Install" on the right hand side of the itch.io application, and when I click it, it quickly goes from "Install" to "Downloading..." and instantly goes back to "Install." It shows up in my downloads as being downloaded, but when I click on the game download in the download tab, it takes me to this page, thus looping back around in an endless unresolvable loop of glitchy goodness. I wish I could just download and test this cool looking game...

EDIT: Just updated itch.io client application, and it now downloads and launches! FINALLY!!!!!

So what did you think about the game?

Do you have x64 download files? I cannot run this still, 300 days later lol.