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This game was genuinely fun. I loved the old fashioned style from the 80's. It reminds me of the times when people sat in front of their box TVs with rabbit ears and their  Nintendo Entertainment system.  The old graphics and the runner's music are perfectly implemented. The monsters for the demo are well colored for a sequential game. Although it is not terribly hard, this game will troll you in your over confidence. This was a lot of fun. Seeing this from the scene nowadays is very uncommon, and very admirable. Not many people may be into this style, but I am one of those who are. I love this game, download for some stabby good fun. I look forward to the full release of this awesome emulation of video game period when things were slower and predictable. I hope development goes well!

Awesome video! Thanks for the feedback and commentary, it helps us determine how to improve the game. Glad you had a good time with it.