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Hey Zerk! 

I just finished playing your game! I feel like I understand what it means to be a Boss now! Thank you for that!

The powers were fun, sound effects felt like they belonged, and the paroling units made the office come alive.  Each room feels like a room you would find in an office! Super great! 

The only thing that could use some improvement is the controls. I didn't feel like I could get the Boss to go where I wanted to when I got to the far corners of the room. Not being able to control him accurately was mildly frustrating, but it could also be the debris in the room that was making it difficult. If you could switch the controls to the WSAD or arrow keys, I think that would help a lot. 

Good job! You put so much work into this game, and it shows!


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Thanks Mybrother!  Yea I know that issue exists with the movement.  It's because only clicking on the floor will register a move.  So in haste, you end up clicking on the walls trying to move there and he wont of course.  I'll fix it.  As for controls, the idea was only to use the mouse.  I jammed for 4 days mostly without sleep to get it done.  Did you find the secret room?  I don't think anybody has yet. ;)

SECRET ROOM!? AHHHHHHH! Now, I am going to lose sleep!!

I fixed some things and put up a new build also. ;)