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I'm here because I saw Markiplier play it. My sister and I quickly fell in love with the art and the mechanics, so I quickly searched for how I can get this game for both of us to play. I have to say, this game is really good and well done. I wish it was longer, but hopefully that's for a sequel? ;) -wink wink nudge nudge-

Good job, love this game, love the art, love everything about it. Two thumbs up!!

Thank you so much Merevy! Happy to hear that you and your sister enjoyed the game :D  We're definitely exploring the future of the game right now - will make sure to let everyone know our plans as we move forward 🎵 Thanks for your support and kinds words!


Just in case you didn't knew, this is a demo :D Yes that does mean there will be a full game realeased someday.