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It is not opening on my mac. I have all of the system requirements. It shows the icon, but just doesn't open. 


Hey DevonLamrock! Did you 'Extract All' to unzip the folder after downloading the Mac version of the game? If you open the OneHandClapping Application after unzipping the files, the game should be able to start! Let me know if you did that but are still having difficulties and we'll do our best to narrow down the problem to best help you 🎵

Well, I expanded it with the archive utility, and the application that I'm starting just says "OneHandClapping" and it is an application. Unless there is some specific way I need to "Extract All", other than just running it through the archive utility, then yes I did that. Thanks!

Hey DevonLamrock! We just updated our game to hopefully address the initial problems of opening the game. Can you try to redownload the game from our site and let us know if you're still having this problem! Thank you ❤️

Hey DevonLamrock! Another potential problem might be because the game isn't verified by Mac. If you take a look at the comment made by AGX (scroll down a little bit), what they suggest to do might solve your problem as well! Let us know :) ❤️