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Hey there! This game looks absolutely stunning and I would LOVE to play it, but it's not recognizing my voice D:! My Microphone works on Discord as well as other games, so I'm unsure as to what my problem is? I'm stuck on the beginning where it says to "Sing, Hum,  or Whistle your lowest comfortable note". Is there any  way you guys can help me </3? My mic is a Blue Ice Snowball if that helps any ^^!!

Also, As a self taught illustrator/animator, this game looks stunning in both aspects (I watched a small portion of a video, which is how I found this game)! Love how it looks <3!

Hey Crushie! Thanks for all your kind words - fun fact: we actually used a Snowball mic when developing the game! 🎵 Sorry to hear that you've been having some calibration problems though D: Did you try to hit 'Esc' and adjust the Mic Sensitivity all the way up? If your computer already recognizes your mic/your mic works on other apps, then I'm assuming your Input Settings are fine on your computer.

Let me know if changing the Mic Sensitivity helps! 

That's super cool you used a snowball when making the game!! Whenever I press ESC, nothing happens or comes up? I've fully extracted the files, so i'm unsure as to what my problem could be.

Ah - my apologies, you can only hit ESC right after that! Is it picking up any noise at all? (If you tap the snowball mic/talk loudly/etc)?

Sadly no, it isn't detecting any noise at all D: .

Hello! I have the same problem and i am using a Blue Yeti microphone! He does't get detected at all. Can't press esc neither go to the settings, i am blocked at the part: "sing, hum or whistle your lowest (...) "

Same :(

I managed to make it work this morning. Last time I used a jack to USB adapter and it got stuck at the calibration part. But this morning I plugged the jack straight into the computer and it worked. So happy I got to play it. Really lovely game!