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This game got me really excited, after watching a video from a certain youtuber (think we all know who) . From the short footage I have seen I was really impressed with the creativity and uniqueness of the game and next to that I love to sing, i.e. perfect game for me.
Anyway: Looking forward to 'the' update because as of now it crashes as soon as the USCgames logo appears on the screen, with every setting I tried (fastest to fantastic, windowed - not windowed, resolutions, dedicated videocard, deinstall - install (not a setting)).  Can't wait to play it! :)

Hey swa_coen! Thanks for letting us know! We'll definitely make sure to let you know when we're able to address the crashing problem 🎵 Glad you were able to check out the game via -that certain youtuber-! We really appreciate the support and patience :) 


Thank you kindly for your (fast) reply and I hope this will get the leverage it deserves :)  
I'll keep eyeballing the page until the crash gets addressed .

Hey swa_coen! Do you mind me asking - were you using a PC or Mac to play the game?