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I downloaded this game as soon as i saw markiplier play it! I extracted all files as told but when I click ok the application and it goes to the verification loading screen, it gets stuck and won’t move up at all. I’ve been sitting here for 20 mins waiting for it to load and it’s stuck in the same place! What do i do?! 

Hey bbygirl233! Sorry to hear about the download problems you've been having! When you start the game, can you try starting it at 'Fastest' settings instead of 'Fantastic'? We're currently working on making a more permanent solution, but that could temporarily make the game work better! Let us know if you still have problems, and we'll do our best to help out 🎵


no problem for helping out btw love your game >>>>>>> Love_AGX


i worked but when i try to sing my lowest note, the white line doesnt expand as it should :(

Does your mic work on other apps (making sure your input/output settings are correct)? If not, you could try to hit 'ESC' and raise the mic sensitivity so it picks up your voice better!


SO the problem is with the security settings for unknown company apps so the game isn't verified by mac, but there is a way around and if you go to finder in the top right of the screen (not in finder) press go or go to tab then "computer" and in the search box write "terminal" and then scroll down until you find the terminal. open it Then copy and paste this into the terminal " sudo spctl --master-disable " and hit enter.

It will then ask you for your password so type it but beware it wont show up, and hit enter again if you did this correctly it probably should say "operation not permitted" don't worry it worked, now go to system preferences and go to security and privacy it has a vault icon.  go to the first tab and at the bottom allow any source 

so what are you waiting for, open the game again and enjoy. >>>>> Love_AGX

Ah - thanks for letting us know! The problem definitely seemed more Mac-specific. I'll make sure to direct people to your comment to see if this fix works for them as well :) ❤️