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omg the art style is so cuuuute!! i would like to have sprites of our protagonist though. it's nicer to have a protagonist with a face :/ and that way we'll be able to see what our lotogh looks like, i find it's not as fun if we can't really get to know our character fully and perhaps let out updated demos with just tiny little new tidbits every few weeks or a month to keep people interested and invested rather than every 3 months? don't have to rush for huge content in updates but just updates with tiny bits of new content every few weeks before releasing the full new demo versions, it just keeps things interesting. i know it's alot to ask and if the updating isn't possible if you could do sprites for the mc that would be so great it would make the experience better if we at least have a general idea of what they look like otherwise they're really just a random floating voice :/ 

Use your imagination; the main point of not having a MC sprite for these games is so you can imagine them however you wish. Besides, not every indie developer has the resources and / or money to invest on a MC sprite on top of every thing else, specially on a game like this, that allows you to pick your gender (so at least 3 sprites if you're going to include non-binary). Actually the gender on this one is a tad tricky because it doesn't follow the traditional route of pick Z, Y or X; it makes you input your pronouns and goes from there.

hmm well what I really wanted initially is just a full body image of the 3 races you can pick from

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We get to choose our pronouns so unless the author includes 9 sprites (3 for each race; male, female, non-binary) it will only cause conflict. Alternatively we could get an androgynous sprite for each one and hope it does the trick. Or do you mean it as a visual representation of each species? If so, it ain't necessary; the description does the the job of telling us how they look, plus we meet them later on in-game.