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I REALLY love this game but I have a question. I uninstalled this game accidentally though the resources were still present in my computer. Now I can't seem to reinstall it. An error message always pops up saying that the archive is in unknown format or damaged and when I extract it, it shows archive not found. Any help?? 

What program you use to extract game from archive?
What you can try:
1) upgrade archiver program to latest version
2) download game again
3) search in internet "how to repair damaged archive".

Or download and install

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I used winRAR and I have now tried to install the game from itch for about the 20th time

I can't figure out what to do.

There is no installation. You simply extract game files from archive.

Download and install

another way to install the game: download the application, similar to steam, enter with your account, search for skillwarz in the search, now just put to download and play, app link,