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After watching Markiplier play this, I really wanted to give this game a try and was willing to pay for the pleasure. Huge disappointment. Not only was it the most convoluted download process I've ever experienced, it was completely unplayable. I started the game and was greeted with a host of settings options that went completely unexplained. When I finally got into the game, it was so slow and the ambient noises so loud that I couldn't do or see anything. After playing with the settings for over 20 minutes, I could fix the sound issue but still couldn't make out anything in the game. I was so excited to experience this but it ended up being just a waste of my time. I should mention that I have a gaming rig that should certainly have been able to handle this game but the motion blur or lag made it impossible.

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Hi caminarelmundo. I regret to hear that your experience with RE77 was not pleasant. Might I say that the default settings are actually what I would recommend for most computers and that it's still in the testing phase. Your volume/brightness settings in Windows might be contributing to the unpleasantness. May I ask what your gaming rig consists of? Did you pick up the flashlight? So far, no one complained of lag. Please let me know. :)

I can pick up the flashlight but it doesn't seem to do anything. I tried hitting e again to activate it but I can only see a couple lines of light on the floor. I don't know that it's actual lag. It almost looks like some kind of motion blur effect but I can't see anything in the starting room so its impossible to tell. I've tried getting to the hallway but I can't see enough to get anywhere. I watched Markiplier play the first few minutes, so I know that there's a hallway just beyond but I can't see enough to get to it. I have no idea how to fix it. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I really really wanted to play this game.

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Please contact me at mrdewitt77@gmail.com need some details to fix this glitch.Thank you!

Hi Cami. I did a lets play on this yesterday. It happened to me a few times as well. I restarted the game three times (I played on best graphics settings). But after the third restart, I could see the flashlight and hallway instead of just blackness. Hope this helps :)