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  • Added chest puzzle
  • Made puzzles keep their state even if you quit half way through
  • Various other bits & bobs fixed & tweaked

This will probably be the last build before it becomes a proper game (at least the first part of a 4 part release i'm planning for this game) 

Thanks for all the feedback so far and I'll drop more news in a couple of weeks (in theory) when the game will be released for FREE on webGL and Android!!

Then it'll be updated with part 2, 3 & 4 as and when I create those DLC but FREE ;-)


Looking good.  Though I'm not sure the "puzzles keep their state" thing is working...I reloaded the page and opened the game again and everything was reset.

I didn't mean on reload, I meant on exit from the puzzle and re-entering ;-)

Ah ok, yeah that makes more sense.  I didn't even realize it didn't do that before... :-)

each level should only take 5-15 mins to complete so i haven't made it save the states permanently as it gets complicated ;-)