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Poke Abby HD VR is available now!

If you already purchased Poke Abby HD, you can download the VR version for free :) Otherwise, now might be a good time to check it out if you already went through the trouble of getting a VR device ;P


Purchased this. It's beautiful, really. This is honestly one of the prettiest VR environments (of any theme) I've seen. Thanks for bringing it together. 


* First time I launched in VR it looked like it was using the non-HD models. Lots of clothing collisions, etc. Subsequent times it loaded the HD models. Much better. I didn't do anything to fix this, so I guess it's magic self healing. 

* Probably my own setup, but I haven't figured out how to get audio to route out the Rift headphones. Probably something in between steamvr and oculus. Sometimes happens with other games too. 

* Teleportation is good, but it would probably be nice to be able to "walk" around in VR too, with a thumbstick. This can make people queezy so maybe have the feature on a toggle. 

* I can't figure out how to adjust height in VR. Would be nice to be able to move up and down without... actually standing up or squatting down. 

Hey Oxo Potion is there any reason you are limiting Poke Abby to 1 scene? It's like you made a nice tech demo and never ended up expanding on it content wise except I guess you added a few clothes one time. It'd probably renew interest from past patrons but I donno you do u.